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A Croatian Luxury Yacht Charter: The Best Sights to See

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 11, 2015

Sightseeing is one of the biggest pleasures of any holiday, and Croatia is home to some wonderful treats for your eyes. Some of the best and most unmissable sights to see in Croatia over the course of your luxury yacht charter include the following.

Hvar Fortress
The island of Hvar has many charms, but the true highlight for visitors will probably be Hvar Fortress. It involves a bit of a climb (there are many stairs), but as well as being a fantastic and fascinating historic structure, the fortress also offers some of the finest views in all of Croatia. There is also a restaurant if you want a bite to eat or a refreshing cold drink.

The Bunkers of Vis
Hvar isn’t the only island with a strong military element to its history. The scenic island of Vis is home to plenty of spectacular scenery, including some of the country’s finest vineyards. Dotted around this landscape are a number of bunkers and even a nuclear shelter. They may not be the most cheerful structures, but they represent one of the best ways to see a glimpse of Croatia’s fascinating 20th-century history.

Diocletian’s Palace
Over 1,700 years old, this spectacular palace on the island of Split was completed in 305AD as a present from Emperor Diocletian to himself. Located among the island’s charming cafes and cobbles streets, this wonderful ancient building is still spectacular after all these years and makes Split a definite highlight of any trip to Croatia.

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