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A Guide To The Best Snorkelling Spots In The Caribbean

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  September 08, 2018

Its beautifully calm shimmering turquoise waters and magnificent coral reefs make Antigua an ideal place to explore life beneath the waves and get up close and personal with a diverse array of glorious marine life.

Caribbean snorkelling experiences - See nature in a new light

Have Fun in Half Moon Bay on your Yacht Getaway

This sheltered lagoon and remarkably picturesque mile-long beach are simply stunning in every way. The offshore reef offers protection from the choppier waters beyond which provides ideal conditions for cuttlefish, yellowtail snapper and, if you’re really fortunate, a hawksbill turtle or two!

Delve Beneath the Surface and Uncover a Slice of History in Deep Bay

35 feet below the surface of the water in Deep Bay lies the wreck of a ship that caught fire and sank in 1905. Now home to a variety of small fish and sea sponges, this accessible snorkelling location is a pure delight to explore.

Create Lasting Memories at Cades Reef

Forming part of the protected Cades Bay Marine Park, Cades Reef is arguably Antigua’s most popular snorkelling spot. The reef is home to a variety of marine life including southern stingrays, grouper and blue tang. The mix of sheltered and slightly more exposed conditions make this an ideal location for snorkelers of all abilities.

Swim With Some of Antigua’s Larger Marine Life in Long Bay

The reefs off the eastern coast of Antigua are slightly farther out, so hopping on a guided boat trip is advisable if you’re keen to explore the waters of Long Bay. The deeper waters mean reefs in this part of Antigua are home to larger species of marine life including stingrays, eagle rays, and barracudas.

Get Acquainted with An Array of Wildlife on Great Bird Island

As well as treating nature lovers to the sights and sounds of a diverse range of birds and reptiles, Great Bird Island also has a series of shallow reefs just its coastline which is bursting with life. A true haven, memories made on Great Bird Island during your yacht getaway will stay with you for a lifetime.

See the Caribbean from a new angle - Get out into the warm blue waters

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