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A Love Letter To Summertime Sailing In The Croatian Islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 03, 2018

There is simply nowhere on earth quite like Croatia in the summertime. The sights, sounds and scents of this Adriatic island paradise are simply unforgettable. Here is just a little taste of why you will likely find yourself writing your own ode to the Dalmatian coast following your Croatian yacht getaway.

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Marvel at the Beauty of Croatia’s Natural Colour Palette

Resplendent in verdant green, sparkling blue, bright white and flashes of pink, purple, orange and red, Croatia sings in the sunshine. The verdant vineyard and olive grove-blanketed landscape are peppered with pretty villages, wildflower meadows and spectacular cities.

Croatia is a country in which the natural and the man-made exist in perfect harmony. Tree-lined promenades frame the sparkling ocean beyond; the tremendous town of Trogir has been so spectacularly crafted that it is lovingly referred to as ‘The Stone Beauty’, and majestic citadels and local village churches nestle seamlessly into the wider landscape.

Stroll and Sail Your Way Through Croatia’s Dreamy Land and Seascapes

From kayaking or paddle boarding in the calm waters some of Scedro’s secluded bays, to walking or biking through Mljet national park and strolling along charming cobblestoned village streets following a veritable feast of Croatian cuisine, time in this marvellous Dalmatian destination beneath beautiful warm European summer skies is like stepping into a dream come true.

Romance or Adventure: your Croatian Yacht Getaway Has Everything Covered

From the idyllic surroundings of remote Lopud Island and the concealed coves of the ultra-romantic Elaphiti Islands to the walled cities of Korcula and Dubrovnik, your Croatian yacht getaway can be whatever you want it to be, and more.

Enjoy leisurely swims in saltwater lakes, hop from spectacular restaurant to charming tavern tucking into the best of traditional and modern Croatian cuisine, step back in time and explore the abandoned village of Nastane, and tour vineyards and marvel at the beautiful UNESCO protected Stari Grad Plains.

And, when it’s time to leave remember that Croatia is a little bit like home: it will always be ready to welcome you back.

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