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A Yacht Charter in Greece: The Perfect Relaxing Getaway

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 06, 2015

Greece is a destination with a massive variety of different things on offer. A Greek getaway can be adventurous or educational, but it can also be deeply relaxing. A yacht charter in Greece, in particular, is an amazing way to relax, unwind, and refresh yourself before coming home to everyday life.

Spend Time on Deck
Sailing is in itself a fun yet deeply relaxing experience. If you want your Greek getaway to be a laid-back, unhurried sort of time, you should make sure to spend a good amount of time lazing around on deck. There are few things more delightful than gliding across the surface of a calm, sun-warmed sea while admiring the scenery on the shore.

Dining and Cocktails
Delicious food or a wonderful well-mixed cocktail will do a lot if you are looking for relaxation, and they will help your body to unwind. Poros provides a mixture of traditional Greek tavernas – a pleasant and laid-back eating environment – and slick modern bars to enjoy an evening drink. Alternatively, in the bustling city of Athens you will find little cafes that provide a perfect oasis of calm from which to watch the throngs of people rush past.

Walking and Exploring
Relaxation and activities are not mutually exclusive. Sometimes a leisurely walk with an element of exploration is the perfect way to forget your cares and refresh your mind. Walking the centuries-old streets of Agistri – filled with narrow, winding lanes and very old buildings – is the perfect example of this kind of relaxing walk.

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