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A Yacht Charter in Greece: The Perfect Way to Celebrate

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 04, 2015

A yacht charter in Greece can help you enjoy the fantastic sunny getaway of your dreams. It can feel like there is no need for any reason or justification except giving yourself a treat. This is true, but you may also find that a yacht charter is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. This idea can be useful for:

What better time is there to treat yourself than a birthday? Even if you travel with friends, family or your partner, they will probably allow your interests to take precedence most of the time, since it’s your birthday celebration. If culture is your thing, you can explore the fascinating island of Agistri. With a population of a little over 1000 in its three settlements of Limenaria, Skala and Milos, the island provides a fascinating insight into Greek village and island life.

Sun worshippers will be attracted to Greece’s golden beaches, whilst gourmets will want to sample locally cooked meze, kalamari, moussaka, souvlaki and a host of other delicious Greek dishes. You can, of course, work up an appetite (or burn off the calories) by exploring world-famous historical sites such as the Acropolis at Athens.

A Wedding Anniversary
A wedding is traditionally celebrated by going away to some sunny destination on honeymoon. In fact, Greece is a popular destination to choose. So why not celebrate an anniversary with another getaway to the sunny shores of Greece? If you happen to have honeymooned in Greece, a yacht charter is a great way to revisit the country but see it from a new and different angle.

There are a number of things you can do in Greece that lend themselves well to a romantic getaway. A shared dinner in the charming traditional tavernas of the Saronic islands, where you will find some of the finest seafood in Greece, can be a truly special experience. Alternatively, just relax on the beach or take a swim in some of the quieter and more secluded bays of the Greek coast.

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