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Admire Korcula’s fascinating architecture with Croatian island cruising

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 14, 2016

The island of Korcula is a popular stop-off on any Croatian island cruising trip, with the ancient settlement of Korcula Old Town being a firm favourite with visitors. The unusual layout and fascinating buildings make this one of the most architecturally attractive destinations you are likely to find anywhere.

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The streets in the Old Town of Korcula are laid out like the skeleton of a fish. Although this design might sound strange, the careful angling of the streets means that as much of the town as possible is protected from sea winds. The fortified walls of the medieval city were built to be a powerful deterrent to pirates and retain much of their original character. There were 12 huge towers dotted along the wall, several of which can still be seen today.

Aside from the impressive city walls, there are a number of other interesting architectural features to see here, many with stunning Venetian influences. The Cathedral of St Mark is built in the Gothic-Renaissance style and elaborately adorned with reliefs, fluting and roses. The figures of Adam and Eve around the doorway are particularly noteworthy, while the intricate cupola was carved by native Korculan and famous sculptor Marko Andrijic.

The Bishop’s Treasury is not only an interesting building in its own right but also serves as a museum, housing all sorts of artefacts. From paintings and cultures to ancient household items, many relics from both the island and further afield can be found here. There are also plenty of other sights to admire, from the Marco Polo Tower with its stunning views to the Wellington Fort of Forteca and numerous stone pillars carved with various coats of arms.

Korcula’s Old Town is the ideal place to visit to see some of Croatia’s most enchanting architecture.

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