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Apps to download before sailing holidays in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 17, 2015

Gone are the days where technology was just for the young or the young at heart. Today, almost everyone would never dream of leaving home without their smartphone – even when heading out on holiday.
Sailing Greece - Take technology with you
In fact, your smartphone could make a welcome addition to your luggage during sailing holidays in Greece thanks to the wide range of apps now available to enhance your vacation experience.

There are apps out there to suit all different types of devices, offering everything from travel information, allowing you to reach your on-land destinations with ease, to weather, attraction and cultural information.

Among the most popular are the Greece Travel Guide by Triposo, which features everything from maps to a currency converter and phrasebook, to the free Greece & Greek Islands app.

The latter is packed with interesting and useful information, ranging from GPS maps that can be kept in your smartphone memory, to attraction articles, phrasebooks and even restaurant recommendations.

Other app options include Vodaphone Explore Greece, the Gap Web Agency Limited’s Greece Travel, and Cambo Industries Digital’s Sail – Greek Marine Weather Forecasts.

If you want to prepare well for your sailing holidays in Greece, how about trying to learn the language before you go? The ‘Simple ‘n Easy’ Learn Greek app is perfect for beginners, teaching the basics of speaking and writing Greek in a fast and fun way.

The app is specially-created for English speakers and it’s really easy to use. You can simply type in a phrase to hear it spoken to you in Greek or you can make the most of the tutorials, phrasebook, flashcards and visual dictionary on offer.

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