Best Santorini restaurants when sailing the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson published on 5 March 2016

Santorini has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful places in Greece and is a popular destination when sailing the Greek islands. In addition to the stunning scenery, it offers visitors an excellent selection of restaurants.

Greek island tours - Visiting restaurants

Unsurprisingly, the Greek islands have plenty of restaurants offering the very freshest seafood and Santorini is no exception. To Psaraki, which faces the main harbour, offers a great range of mezze and delicious fresh fish, with the daily specials offering particularly good value. Giorgaros, near the Akrotiri lighthouse, also has plenty of fresh, tasty morsels and seafood platters plus the added advantage of a spectacular view.

If you have something to celebrate, Selene in Pyrgos makes an idea choice. Downstairs is a bistro that offers a good section of mezze, while the upstairs restaurant has a good range of local favourites and is popular with those seeking a more formal dining experience. It also offers cooking courses if you would like to learn a few trade secrets. Aktaion, which is a Greek taverna, has been in operation for almost a century. It has plenty of traditional Greek favourites on the menu, including grilled meats, octopus salad, and white aubergine. Metaxy Mas is another firm favourite with locals and tourists alike. The menu consists of local favourites such as fava beans with white aubergine and bulgur wheat with lamb, all served with a delicious Cretan twist. When visiting Santorini, make sure that you find time to visit one – or more – of the island’s fantastic eateries.

Eating and drinking - Samping Greek cuisine
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