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Could A Sailing Vacation Actually Boost Your Productivity?

By Alicia Sharp
on  March 06, 2019

We recharge our phone when it runs out of battery. We refill our petrol tank when our car is running empty. But, sometimes, we forget to do the same for our most valuable possessions: our body and our brain inside of it.

When faced with a lack of motivation and decreased productivity, we are often encouraged to go for a walk or even take a nap. These both have a common thread, of course: creating distance and taking a mental break from the work at hand.

So, it makes sense to suggest that really getting away, say, on a vacation, would be the ultimate cure, right? For the deskbound wanderlusters, the answer is thankfully, yes! Here’s how taking a vacation could actually boost your productivity:

Relax to Recharge

Often leaving us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, a lack of rest in the daily work grind eventually drains us of energy and consequently leaves us lacking motivation. While it seems common sense to charge our phone when it is running low on juice, we often forget, or even feel guilty, for taking a break and truly recharging the batteries of our body and brain.

Giving you the chance to catch your breath, a vacation can increase your engagement and overall well-being allowing you to return to work not only feeling less tired and emotionally burned but more engaged and positive about the work you have at hand. Stretching out with a book in your chosen location allows you to rest and refresh, reducing perceived job stress and improving productivity at work through fresh work motivation.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of the daily grind sounds therefore necessary to truly recharge our brains and bodies back to full battery, don’t you think?

When the Beach is Calling: Action Points to Get Things Done!

Let’s be honest: it’s never a good time to take a break. Cue excuses such as “I don’t have time” or “My boss will never accept it”. But let’s just remember; time doesn’t mean getting more done. Getting things done has nothing to do with time and everything to do with your productivity during that time.

Not only does having a vacation to look forward to, acts as a great mood booster to get you through the work at hand, but a vacation is also a hard deadline which acts as a major motivator to getting things done.

Having more vacation time has been said to help people get as much done as possible as spending less time at your desk forces you to waste less time.

In short: When the beach is calling – actions points to get things done!

A Change of Latitude for a Change in Attitude

When you think about the times in life where you’ve had your winning creative ideas, we bet “after a long work week” or “in a meeting” aren’t at the top of your list?

When we stick to our routine, our brain is stuck too which is why having down-time is crucial for sparking new creative ideas. Taking a vacation allows for your brain to learn and expand, motivating the brain to explore new areas. This change in pace and location is almost necessary to boosting your inspiration and creativity.

When we come back to work after some time and distance, we get to see things from an altered angle. This means we often come back with a fresh outlook on what previously might have been obstacles with fresh ideas on how to tackle them.

A Stressful Vacation is Not a Vacation

Rather than feeling guilty about taking time off work, reframe your thinking to see it as an opportunity to make your work life more productive! Don’t make life harder for yourself by refusing to give yourself the chance to recharge your batteries.

But, we’re not talking about weekends packed full of activities or holidays where you do more organising than relaxing. When we’re talking about a vacation, we mean a real vacation where stress is kept to a minimum and you can truly relax.

When your vacation is stressful, the positive benefits are depleted, so you can forget gaining any benefits of increased productivity or creativity. This is why we think a vacation such as Yacht Getaways provides the perfect opportunity for you to truly relax and recharge those batteries.

Hoping onboard a yacht to sail around the Islands of Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro or Italy already sounds like a pretty dreamy holiday, right?

With a skipper and host onboard to plan your destination route and freshly prepare meals for you each day, you are guaranteed to have plenty of time to truly relax and recharge, while allowing your mind to grow with the new sights and sounds you encounter each day. Don’t worry, there will still be some pretty crucial decisions to make on your vacation though… like whether you want to spend the day snorkeling, reading or exploring a new island.

Booking a cabin on Yacht Getaways with your preferred holiday partner will also allow you to meet other beautiful souls from all over the world as you learn from and share this unique experience with other like-minded people. Or, if you’d prefer, charter your own boat and sail wherever your mind and body desires.

Starting to feel like you could do with a sailing vacation to help you recharge your batteries? Take a rest before you’re tired and burnt out! Check out Yacht Getaways’ skippered holidays here.

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