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Croatia: From A Troubled Past to One of Europe’s Most-Visited and Celebrated Destinations

By Jenny Wilson
on  October 06, 2018

It is easy to fall for many destinations across the world, but few leave such a wonderful permanent impression on so many hearts as Croatia. Its pristine beaches, bustling cities and charming islands are breathtaking, and its people are welcoming, friendly, and warm. All this is even more impressive considering that just over two decades ago, this wonderful country was devastated by war.

Some of the architecture in the bustling city of Dubrovnik, now famed for its starring role in the Game of Thrones TV series and Star Wars, still shows some of the scars of the war that tore apart so many lives. An entire generation lost their youth and their innocence, but now Croatians are restoring these feelings after a period of rebuilding and healing.

Croatia is now beginning to return to its peak and it’s being helped enormously by tourism. New generations of travellers arriving in search of sunshine, clear waters, and flourishing social scenes have put Croatia firmly back on the map for everyone.

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How the Music Scene Has Helped Croatia to Heal

When Nick Colgan first visited the Dalmatian coast in 2003, he immediately knew it would make an ideal location for a new festival. Word of mouth transformed the Garden Festival’s initial 300-strong crowd into an event that would welcome more than 3,000 music-lovers just two years later. Now known as Love International, the eight-day event features the top names in music year after year.

Attendees are actively encouraged to venture outside the festival locations to explore Croatia’s national parks, lakes and mountainous landscapes, and to truly immerse themselves in local Croatian culture, customs, and traditions. The music might be the thing that attracts so many visitors, but Croatia itself is why they return time after time.

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The collective Croatian determination to move forward and to welcome visitors with open arms is genuinely inspirational. This beautiful country has so much to offer and you certainly won’t regret selecting it as your next sailing getaway destination.

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