Croatia sailing holidays to stunning Solta

By Jenny Wilson published on 20 July 2016

It may not be the best known of the Croatian islands but this little Adriatic gem is well worth a look. Combining the laidback pace you would hope to find on a relaxing break with some of the region’s distinctive yet attractive terrain, Solta makes a welcome stop-off on Croatia sailing holidays.

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Unlike its busier neighbours Brac and Hvar, Solta has an altogether more relaxed vibe. The island can be seen from the Riva, or promenade, in Split; however, whilst it is located conveniently near to the mainland, it is a world away in terms of pace of life.

Solta was historically a favourite destination with wealthy Croats seeking a peaceful summer getaway and it retains much of this feeling of escapism. Climb to the top of the central peak, near the small habitation of Grohote, and you will see why Solta is so appealing. Stunning views of the dramatic landscapes and deep blue ocean make this a worthwhile hike.

The town of Maslinica is where most of the action can be found, albeit at a distinctly sedate pace. Rather than bustling nightclubs, this port offers its guests the simple pleasures of good food and drink in friendly konobas.

Visit the pretty village of Gornje Selo for a taste of the island’s timeless picturesque appeal or simply wander among the olive and pine groves and experience the tranquillity of this charmingly peaceful treasure for yourself.

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