Croatia: Your Relaxing Yacht Getaway

By Jenny Wilson published on 25 March 2015

Croatia is a wonderful sailing holiday destination for all kinds of getaways. Those who are so inclined can easily discover a vibrant party atmosphere or a rich history and culture. However, those who want a more laid-back getaway are served just as well by the charms of Croatia. There are a number of attractions, activities and locations that are absolutely perfect for those who want to unwind.

The Quietest Coves
The beach will undoubtedly be one of the top relaxation destinations for your Croatian getaway. There is simply nothing like relaxing in the sun beside a calm sea. The advantage of a sailing holiday is that you can truly escape the crowds by mooring in some of the finest yet most secluded coves which are inaccessible to motorised boats.


If you are lucky, you may be able to spot some dolphins in the water as you sail through their favoured territory. Specifically, the most fortunate of sailors will be able to see them off the coast of Scedro island – an extremely pretty backdrop for such an activity. Admiring the scenery and keeping an eye out for these fascinating creatures is a fun, exciting but nonetheless relaxing way to pass some time.

Idyllic Streets
Not all relaxing activities involve taking the weight off of your feet. Some of the more idyllic towns and cities are home to historic cobbled streets and back alleys. Wandering along the old-world lanes of Dubrovnik, Stari Grad (one of Europe’s oldest towns) and Korcula can be a fascinating way to pass a portion of your time in Croatia.

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