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Culture in Stari Grad with Croatia sailing holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 15, 2016

The city of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar is the oldest in Croatia; therefore, it is no surprise that there is plenty here to interest history buffs. The narrow streets are surrounded by old stone houses, while numerous monuments around the town bear testament to the port’s fascinating past.

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Whilst visiting Stari Grad, make sure that you visit the museum, which is housed in an elaborate building previously owned by the wealthy Biankini family. It was designed as a residence, was used as a hospital during the war and later became a sewing school; however, the family bequeathed the building to the city so that it could be used to house collections of art and artefacts.

In addition to being a lovely building, the museum has a series of special exhibits. There are artefacts recovered from a Roman galley that sank near the island, including amphora and other relics. The Captain’s Room offers visitors a unique insight into Croatia’s celebrated naval past. Stari Grad has long been populated and there are several exhibitions from settlements dating back thousands of years. The museum also houses many artworks, including pieces by two of Croatia’s most famous painters, Juraj Plancic and Bartol Petric.

Besides being home to some of Croatia’s most significant historical relics, Stari Grad provides visitors on Croatia sailing holidays with a most interesting town to visit.

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