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Discover delightful Kaprije with yacht hire in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 30, 2016

The island of Kaprije is small but perfectly formed and makes a lovely place to moor when you are island hopping with yacht hire in Croatia. Situated north of Split, it is an ideal spot if you want to enjoy some peace and tranquillity in truly Croatian surroundings.

Visiting Croatian islands - Relaxing sailing trips

The island is thought to take its name from the abundance of kapara, or capers, that grow here. These, alongside crops of grapes and olives, make up much of the pretty landscape on the island. Much of the rest of the landscape comprises rolling hills, which provide plenty of sheltered conditions and stunning views.

The island was originally home to families from nearby Sibenik but later became a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the Turkish invasions of the 16th and 17th centuries. The pace of life here has remained very relaxed, which merely adds to the island’s appeal. There is a pretty church and several places to enjoy some of the bountiful local fish; however, most visitors are content to simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Explore on foot or by bicycle, discover some of the island’s many secret hidden coves or while away the evening over relaxing drinks and a friendly game of balote, or local bowls.

Sailing in Croatia - Drinks with friends

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