Discover Dokos while cruising the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson published on 1 June 2016

Located among the Saronic islands, Dokos is a small but perfectly formed island that makes a great stop-off when cruising the Greek islands. Historically strategically significant, Dokos was more important than its tiny size might suggest.

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The beauty of Dokos lies in its unspoilt beauty, with very few residents apart from some orthodox monks and several herds of sheep. The rugged terrain is ideal for those who enjoy walking among peaceful and stunning surroundings, and the small beaches are clean and quiet. To the east of island can be found the remains of an ancient castle from the Byzantine Venetian era.

Dokos is also famous as the site of the world’s oldest shipwreck, discovered by Peter Throckmorton in 1975. The ship that foundered here is thought to have been around 4,000 years old. While the wooden hull had long been reclaimed by the sea floor, hundreds of artefacts were found at the site that enabled archaeologists to date the shipwreck. These included many clay vases or amphora, stone millstones and even anchors. The site was excavated during the early 1990s and many relics taken to nearby Spetses Museum for conservation.

If you are sailing round larger Saronic islands such as Hydra, mooring at Dokos makes a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

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