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Discover romantic Dubrovnik before boarding your yacht in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  January 02, 2016

If you are taking an island-hopping trip on a yacht in Croatia, then the city of Dubrovnik is likely to feature either at the beginning or the end of your holiday. You may be impatient to get on the waves but it is worth taking a little time to discover some of the treasures to be found in Croatia’s most famous city.

Croatian holidays - Seeing towns and cities

If you only have time for one activity while you are here, make it a walk along the famous medieval city walls. The full walk is about 2km and from the top of the battlements you can enjoy incredible views of both the city within and the shoreline outside. For some real photo opportunities hop on the cable car that departs from the Old Town, ferrying passengers all the way to the top of Mount Srdj.

Dubrovnik is not only one of the most spectacular fortified cities in the Adriatic but also has a rich naval history. Explore this significant aspect of Croatian culture with a trip to the Maritime Museum, followed by an excursion to the stunning Rector’s Palace and Cultural History Museum. You should also try to see the magnificent artwork in the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Dubrovnik is also amply furnished with lovely beaches and some top-class restaurants. Be sure to try the local delicacies, such as black risotto and octopus salad. With no motorised traffic permitted in the Old Town, a leisurely stroll among the marble streets adorned with stunning baroque buildings is the perfect relaxing way to get yourself in the holiday mood.

Croatian photography opportunities - Sailing holiday snaps

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