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Discover the truth behind a famous cultural quirk with boat charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 10, 2016

Greece is well known for its interesting cultural traits, from music and dancing to plate smashing. When you take a boat charter in Greece, you will find that many of these traditional pastimes are still widely enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Plate-smashing is one of the most common customs associated with Greece, with images of broken crockery littering restaurant floors still lingering today.

Visiting Greece - Explore cultural quirks

Plate smashing is one of those strange traditions that everyone has heard of and is seen as the stereotypically Greek finale to a meal; however, in reality, it is far less common a practice than you might think.

The tradition is likely to have found favour in ancient times with those who wished to demonstrate their wealth. Rich Greeks who wanted to show off an abundance of money would simply hurl their plates and glasses into the fire rather than go to the trouble of washing them. The practice is also sometimes linked to funerals, with the breaking of plates an ancient custom whereby vessels used at mourning gatherings would be ritually smashed afterwards to symbolise loss and to help with the healing process.

These days, plate smashing is largely confined to weddings or other family celebrations, with plaster plates used instead of china to keep potential injuries to a minimum. In restaurants, the modern version of plate smashing is to buy flowers to throw at singers, dancers or other diners; however, you may be lucky enough on your travels to find a taverna that still indulges in this most Greek of traditions!

Eating and drinking in Greece - Local cuisine


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