Discovering the Real Croatia with a Luxury Yacht Charter

By Jenny Wilson published on 27 February 2015

A luxury yacht charter is the perfect way to discover the unique, distinctive character of Croatia. It allows you to explore a variety of the places, activities and experiences in this varied and fascinating country while travelling in both comfort and style. If you want to see what makes Croatia truly unique, make sure you include the following experiences in your itinerary.

Wine Tours and Tasting
Croatia, especially on the islands of Korcula and Vis, has a fascinating tradition in wine-making, and the fine drinks it produces are worthy of greater international recognition than they have received. A wine tour is a great way to simultaneously experience this side of traditional Croatia and some of the country’s finest landscapes, while a wine-tasting experience is a great and rewarding way to enjoy the quality of Croatian wines for yourself.


Soak Up the History
Croatia has a long and interesting history and is home to some extremely interesting sites and places. Korcula town – on the island of the same name which is also home to much of the country’s wine tradition – is a wonderful medieval walled city that simply drips with historical atmosphere. Stari Grad, meanwhile, is among the oldest towns in all of Europe and includes a monastery and an impressive clock tower as architectural highlights.

Enjoy the Food
Cuisine is another of the things that makes Croatia unique, and many delicious and distinctive dishes are on offer. Around the coast, where a sailing holiday will naturally be focussed, there is a particularly wonderful array of fish dishes and seafood on offer. Konobas, a pretty harbour where you will find traditional Croatian cuisine, is often cited as a particularly find spot for enjoying some Croatian seafood.

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