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Enjoy Hvar’s vineyards with yacht hire in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 16, 2015

It may come as a surprise to discover that Croatia produces some of the world’s best wines. Conditions on many of the Dalmatian islands are well suited to grape production, with yacht hire in Croatia a great way to visit the islands with the best vineyards.

Sailing Croatia - Explore local wine culture

The island of Hvar is home to the Star Grad Plains, a UNESCO world heritage site famed for its spectacular vineyards. Many were planted by the early Illyrians but it was the Greeks’ arrival from Paros in 384BC that really made this region the wine-producing hotspot it is today. The island’s varied conditions and differing types of soil ensure ideal growing conditions for a number of different grape varieties.

One of the most notable grapes is plavac mali, which is closely related to zinfandel. There are many vineyards to explore on Hvar, each offering a different experience. Zlatan Otok is the most famous producer, giving visitors the chance to try the island’s only Grand Cru in his underwater tasting rooms.

The town of Jelsa has two notable wineries to visit. Andro Tomic has an elaborate tasting room based on the design of the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace, which certainly ensures a memorable trip, while Ivo Dubokovic offers tastings of some of the island’s more experimental wines in an intimate candlelit setting for an authentic experience.

With so many stunning vineyards in Hvar, it is definitely worth taking the time to experience some of this island’s most delicious produce.

Croatian sailing activities - Visiting vineyards

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