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Enjoy luxury yacht charters to beautiful Komiza

By Jenny Wilson
on  February 19, 2016

The island of Vis is one of the less-visited destinations along the Dalmatian coast, which makes it the perfect location for a peaceful getaway. If you want to take in one of Croatia’s most unspoilt regions during luxury yacht charters here, heading to the fishing village of Komiza on the west of the island is ideal.

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Komiza is an ancient fishing port that dates back to at least the 12th century and even now largely consists of a charming collection of traditional cottages centred around the bay. Much of the village grew up around the Benedictine monastery that relocated here from nearby Bisevo in the late 13th century. The church has since been rebuilt and now features some stunning Baroque carved altars. Wander along the pebble beaches and simply enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this quietest of the Dalmatian islands.

The other main reason to visit Komiza is that it is conveniently located for those wishing to travel to the tiny nearby islet of Bisevo. This tiny landmass, just six square kilometres, is the location of the remains of the original local Benedictine monastery; however, its most notable feature is the Blue Grotto, a stunning natural wonder that draws visitors from all around. For an hour a day, between 11am and noon, the sun’s rays shine through an underwater cavern and fill the cave with an enchanting blue light.

Quiet, charming and tranquil, the port of Komiza makes a perfect addition to any yacht charter of Croatia’s islands.

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