Hidden Gems

Enjoy luxury yacht charters to Croatia’s secret getaways

By Jenny Wilson
on  July 22, 2015

Croatia has many different islands to visit and with luxury yacht charters you can explore some of those that are a little more off the beaten tourist track. Scedro is situated just south of Hvar and is one of the most unspoilt places you could hope to find.
Croatia sailing - visit secret getaways
The entire island is a protected nature park and although is sometime referred to as uninhabited, there are a few hardy fishermen around and a couple of restaurants so it is not entirely deserted. Moster Bay is one of the prettiest and is notable for the remains of a Dominican monastery that lie there. According to local legend, the monastery was abandoned in the 19th century when the last monk took down the doors and used them to make a raft to sail to nearby Hvar. Some of the remains date back to the 11th century and are well worth a look.

The rest of the island is a picturesque assortment of vineyards and lavender, and the ideal place to stretch your legs. Scedro isn’t very big, but walking the perimeter will take a good part of the day due to the spectacularly rugged terrain. Although there is no mains water or electricity, the island also has three good restaurants that serve excellent fish, bread and wine. Scedro may not be on every tourist’s must-see list, but gives visitors a taste of the real Dalmatian experience.

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