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Experience new cuisine with sailing holidays in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  May 01, 2015

Croatian cuisine is among the best in the world as it is so varied. Encompassing both the meat-based cooking of central Europe and the seafood delights of the Mediterranean, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. Visit a traditional konoba or tavern to experience the wealth of dishes Croatia has to offer.
Croatian cuisine - Tuna steak meal
The main meal of the day is usually lunch, often beginning with traditionally-cured ham and cheese. Meat dishes usually consist of a grilled pork or veal chop, sometimes served in breadcrumbs. Another well-loved Dalmatian speciality is pasticada, a stewed dish of beef, wine and prunes. Plenty of bread, salad and pickled vegetables are often served as side dishes.

Fish forms the bulk of the Croatian island diet and is usually served quite simply, often grilled and accompanied by chard and potatoes. John Dory, bream and hake are all popular, but there is an almost endless variety of seafood to choose from. Shellfish such as prawns and mussels are also deliciously fresh and may be accompanied by a wine and garlic sauce. Make sure to try one of Croatia’s finest dishes, black risotto. This is given its distinctive colour by the black squid ink used to flavour the rice.

Croatian desserts tend to be very sweet, such as honey-soaked baklava or pancakes doused in chocolate and nuts. Visit a slasticarnica to enjoy pastries, fresh ice cream and other treats during sailing holidays in Croatia.

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