Explore extraordinary Naxos with yacht charters in Greece

By Jenny Wilson published on 18 December 2015

The Cyclades are among the most popular Greek holiday destinations and sailors on yacht charters in Greece will definitely want to visit the largest of these spectacular islands. Naxos may not have the reputation of Mykonos or Santorini but this charming island has it all when it comes to the ultimate Greek experience.

Naxos is well known as the place where poor Ariadne was abandoned after helping Theseus to escape the labyrinth. This quirky cultural snippet aside, there is much to admire here. The island’s capital of Hora, also sometime simply known as Naxos, is packed full of delightful little streets to explore and much of the island’s heritage as a Greek and Byzantine cultural centre can be seen here.

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Visitors to Hora should make sure they enjoy a stroll in Kastro, a 13th-century residential area where not only are there a number of Venetian mansions but also the remains of a once-spectacular tower. The most famous landmark on the island is the Temple of Apollo. Since it is not actually complete and consists simply of two columns supporting a lintel, it is also sometimes referred to locally as the Portara or the Great Door.

The village of Halki is a must-see for visitors wanting to experience some of Naxos’s old-world charm. It used to be the island’s capital and its legacy is a plethora of cultural delights such as museums, galleries and stunning villas. The surrounding countryside is delightful, typically strewn with olive groves and scented wild flowers.

If you fancy indulging yourself in some more active pursuits while on Naxos, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, either among the enchanting winding cobbled streets or out in the beautiful countryside. Alternatively, simply soak up the gorgeous surroundings on one of the many quiet beaches, such as Agios Prokopios and Plaka.

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