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Explore Solta with Croatia boat holidays

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 25, 2015

Croatia boat holidays are the perfect way to explore some of the less well-known parts of Dalmatia, leading you to discover some really special destinations. Solta is a small island that can be seen from the Riva, or promenade, in Split. Although it lies near to the coastline, it is rarely visited by tourists, making it a lovely place to venture for some tranquil authentic Croatian charm.

 Sailing Croatian islands - Yacht cruises

Stomorska is a charming fishing town with space for yachts to moor at the small port. Enjoy delicious seafood here and soak up the old world atmosphere and pretty views that give the town the feeling of a stunning film set. In contrast, Necujam is a relatively new resort that has sprung up around the long beach. There are lots of coves to explore here and the sea is very pleasant for bathing in.

Grohote is the largest town on the island and the administrative centre. There are a couple of interesting monuments to see, including the tower of Slavica Kula, an old cemetery and the remains of an early Christian basilica. The postcard-pretty village of Gornje Selo is home to the island’s vineyards and olive groves, where visitors can taste some of the region’s unique produce. Maslinica, on the opposite coast to Stomorska, is known for its spectacular sunsets. Walk to the Church of St Nicholas to enjoy the view or take in a concert at the Amphitheatre.

For a soothing and restorative experience, the sheer tranquillity of Solta is hard to beat.

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