Explore stunning natural caves with yacht hire in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson published on 10 April 2016

The Croatian landscape is fascinating, featuring everything from sandy beaches to the most rugged mountains. Such varied terrain means there are plenty of interesting natural features to explore, including extensive cave networks. Yacht hire in Croatia provides the opportunity to easily reach many of the country’s islands and visit these wonders for yourself.

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Vela Spila, adjacent to Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, is one of the most important pre-historic archaeological sites in Europe. The large cavern sits high above the harbour and, thanks to some of the relics that have been found there, we know that it has been populated for around 18,000 years. A visit to Vela Spila allows you to imagine what life must have been like for the cave dwellers who resided here over the past millennia. A large number of tools and pieces of pottery have been recovered from the site, with more to be discovered as excavations continue.

The island of Brac is home to an altogether different type of cave, which is no less interesting. Take a 3km walk from the village of Murvica and you can find the famous Dragon’s Cave, so called because of an unusual relief that lies within. The cave was thought to have been used as a temple by Glagolitic priests in the 15th century and the artwork that decorates the walls is a curious mixture of pagan and Christian icons, with angels and animals among the weird and wonderful carvings to see here.

If you would like to visit the cave, you can find a guide by enquiring at the Murvica tourist office.

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