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Explore These Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Croatia

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  May 14, 2017

Game of Thrones fan? Us too! Fancy exploring some of the series’ actual filming locations? US TOO! As soon as you arrive in Croatia you’ll understand why this lovely place was chosen to represent some of the most important locations within the Game of Thrones universe. Croatia is incredibly atmospheric and you’ll really begin to feel as though you’ve stepped straight into the series, so even if you’re just a casual fan, here are just some of the locations you could visit on your sailing getaway.

Sight seeing in Croatia -More to it than meets the eye

The Baroque Staircase in Dubrovnik

You’ll recognise this location as the Great Sept of Baelor’s staircase, and it’s where that incredibly famous shaming scene took place. Dubrovnik’s Old Town features heavily in the series, and we highly recommend walking the city walls because you’ll get to see Minčeta Tower, which was used as the House of the Undying and you might recall Daenerys going there shortly after her dragons are stolen.

Fortress of Klis in Split

With spectacular views of Split, this incredible fortress was built in the 7th century on top of a rocky cliff and played a hugely important role in defending Croatia. The fortress forms the City of Meereen in Game of Thrones, and we think that walking in Khaleesi’s footsteps sounds extraordinarily exciting!

The Basement of Diocletian’s Palace in Split

At over 1,700 years old, this palace is a truly stunning place to explore in its own right, but you’ll quickly see why it was chosen as Daenerys’ Throne Room, and it won’t even be a stretch to imagine how it would feel to see a dragon or two!

See Pile Gate and Pile Harbour On Your Sailing Getaway

Located in Dubrovnik and used prominently as a meeting point in the series, Pile Gate is where Sansa and Shae sit to watch the ships before they begin discussing Lord Belish’s escape plans, and where the Lannisters say goodbye to Myrcella. You’ll recognise the harbour as Blackwater Bay, and it’s such an atmospheric location you’ll be swept away by its beauty.

Croatia sailing holidays - Soak up the sun on a yacht

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