Exploring Ermioni With Luxury Yacht Charter In Greece

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 1 February 2017

There are plenty of islands to explore with luxury yacht charter in Greece, but the mainland also has some interesting destinations along its majestic coastline. Ermioni is not just a convenient stop-off on your way to some of the region’s famed attractions but also a charming destination in its own right.

Sailing trips to Greece - Exploring attractions on the mainland

There is plenty to do here whilst you admire the beautiful surroundings. From hiking along the Katafyki Gorge to visiting the local folklore museum, you will soon find that this picturesque little town has much to offer. Eat freshly-caught seafood at one of the many tavernas or admire the pretty orthodox churches of the old village. If you want to simply relax, indulge in a spot of rock-bathing at the stunning Bisti or Mandrakia bays before enjoying a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters.

Close to Ermioni are several sites of historical interest that are popular with visitors. The amphitheatre at Epidavros is not just a spectacular feat of engineering but also gives visitors a real opportunity to imagine life in ancient Greece. You may even be lucky enough to see an open-air concert or performance of a play here. Tiryns is a Mycenaean settlement where you can not only enjoy amazing views but also see the impressive remains of this ancient city. Travel past here to see the incredible ancient citadel of Mycenae, a once-powerful settlement of immense significance.

Whether you are visiting on your way to the area’s local historical sites or want to simply relax in a traditional Greek village, Ermioni is utterly enchanting.

Hire a luxury yacht in Greece - See all that the country has to offer
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