Find peace and quiet on the lesser-known islands with a yacht in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson published on 16 October 2015

Croatia used to be euphemistically referred to as ‘the poor man’s Italy’ but in the last few years it has really come into its own, especially with yacht lovers. The yacht set has put its stake in the ground around the ACI marina in Split and it is not hard to see why. The region offers some simply breathtaking sights and nightlife experiences; however, for those of us with quieter tastes who would rather avoid the bussed-in crowds around the Roman amphitheatres, there is thankfully still plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Our first stop is hardly a new destination, as the rich and powerful of Dubrovnik have been sailing to the Elaphiti Islands for their weekend getaways since the 1800s. Lopud is a tiny island in the archipelago at less than 2km wide and once enjoyed the patronage of the rich and powerful before slipping into obscurity; however, with more independent travellers exploring the Croatian coast, it is enjoying a very small rediscovery by an international crowd. The island is car-free and visitors can explore the picturesque lanes that lead from the tiny village harbour to the hidden coves and pine forests, as visitors did all those years before.

Croatian yacht adventure - exploring peaceful coves

From Lopud you can head to the larger island of Mljet. The first weeks of autumn were made for Mljet Island, with temperatures hovering around 20˚C making this the perfect time for walking and discovering the nature reserve to the north of the island. The forests here comprise a collection of Aleppo pine and ancient gnarled holm oak.. A comfortable climb from inland Pristaniste to the top of the Montokuc offers the most breathtaking views back down to the sea.

The options for exploring the Adriatic by yacht are practically endless. Although gaining in popularity, the sheer size of the region and the number of islands available means these destinations remain the more secluded destinations to head for on board a yacht in Croatia.

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