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Following the mythological trail as you sail the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  April 17, 2015

Greece is one of the most popular holiday destinations, famed for its great weather, fabulous food and rich culture. Part of the fascination is no doubt due to the country’s heritage and association with the fabulous tales of Greek mythology. Exploring these famed locations as you sail the Greek islands makes for a truly fascinating holiday.
Charter Yacht Holiday - views of Greece
Many fascinating aspects of Greek mythology can be discovered by visiting the numerous temples of the region. The island of Aegina is home to the Temple of Aphaia, a site of such historical and architectural significance that many visitors travel to the island just to see it. The first temple is believed to have been built around 570 BC. This was destroyed by fire just 60 years later but its replacement has been carefully preserved and is well worth a visit. The many statues and depictions of women in the temple demonstrate it was constructed as a place of worship for an agricultural or fertility deity. Although this was originally believed to be Athena, inscriptions discovered later show that the temple is in fact devoted to local goddess Aphaia. In addition to the stunning views and spectacular Doric architecture, visitors here can enjoy the blissfully tranquil surroundings.

Poros is separated from the mainland by such a narrow channel that it barely qualifies as an island but is another unmissable stop for those interested in ancient tales. It is widely believed that the son of Poseidon was born here and one of the island’s main attractions is the site of a temple devoted to Poseidon. Although the temple has fallen mostly to ruin, it is still worth a look for those interested in this aspect of Greek culture. The island itself is a popular destination due to its stunning views, bustling nightlife, peaceful lemon groves and plethora of charming tavernas.

Visiting some of the cultural highlights as you sail the Greek islands is wonderful opportunity to discover some of the most notable architecture in the region outside of Athens.

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