Get the kids on board when you’re cruising the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson published on 18 September 2015

Family holidays don’t have to mean staying in a crowded hotel, jostling for a spot by the side of the pool. Try something different by taking the children along when you’re cruising the Greek islands. Greek culture is very family-focused and kids are welcome to join in with virtually any activity. There’s plenty to keep them interested on a fascinating Greek odyssey.

Children will love exploring all the ancient ruins in Athens. Buy a book of Greek myths for them to read beforehand and they can have a fabulous time letting their imagination run wild. Aside from the usual sites of the Acropolis and Agora, there are a number of other attractions that are especially suitable for children. The National Gardens are the perfect spot to escape from the heat for a few hours, with a pond, playground and mini zoo. Attica Zoological Park on the outskirts of the city also makes a fun day out. Finish off with a virtual tour of ancient Greece at the Hellenic Cosmos and a trip to the Planetarium before cruising the Greek islands to show them another side to this country’s rich culture.

Greek island yacht hire - Fun for the whole family

Hydra is one of the most child-friendly islands, with plentiful beaches for gathering stones and clear water to swim in. There are no cars here so kids can safely explore, spotting donkeys and experiencing some of the more authentic traditional aspects of Greek life. Sail along the coast and stop off at Epidaurus, where both you and the children will be astonished the spectacular theatre. The many layers of outdoor seating will really bring ancient Greek culture to life for them and is sure to be an experience they will never forget.

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