Top 5 Healthy Holiday Ideas

By Ryan Brown published on 2 June 2021

Looking at options for healthy holiday ideas and destinations with family or friends? No need to look any further, we’ve got you covered.

Our physical and mental health has been brought to the forefront over the past 12 months and they should be the top priority when booking travel for the well-being of ourselves and our families. It’s equally important to choose a healthy holiday that doesn’t add layers of stress or leave you feeling like you need another holiday to recover afterwards.

A kick back and enjoy kind of holiday with low-stress and health benefits abound. Sounds like a sailing holiday to us!

In our opinion, and many of those who have experienced a Yacht Getaways trip, sailing holidays are incredibly beneficial for mind, body, and soul for a plethora of reasons.

Boosting your mood and lowering stress while at sea. Soaking up sun rays and spending quality time with loved ones. Eating phenomenal (and phenomenally healthy) local food. The feel-good vibe from an active vacation. And plenty more!

Need a bit more proof? Here are the top 5 health benefits of sailing holidays!

1. Being Close to Water is Good for the Mind and Body

We all know water is important for life. And even studies say that being close to water can be incredibly beneficial for relaxation and unwinding. Heck, the colour blue is considered a calming colour!

Since ancient times, rivers, oceans, hot springs, and waterfalls have been considered sacred places and are still environments that conjure up a sense of deep calm. There’s a reason we listen to ocean waves playlists to relax or think of holidays by the water to escape our busy lifestyles.

A week at sea on a sailing yacht will be just that — the ultimate relaxing holiday you and your body need and deserve.

Picture this — you and a group of your friends or family escaping away from bustling cities and concrete jungles to sail around breathtaking turquoise bays to de-stress. Daily swims that will feel utterly revitalising. The sea air filling your lungs and relaxing your mind. The sound of the waves against the hull and the wind-filled sails taking you to the next destination.

Already feeling relaxed at the thought? Good, you’ll feel it thousand times more when you’re actually at sea!

beautiful bay in Naoussa in Greece

2. Being Active is Amazing for a Healthy Holiday

We spend enough time working at screens or sitting constantly. It’s time to get away and get active, and a sailing holiday is perfect for that.

Yes, vacations are meant for relaxing, but movement does the body good. Actually, getting the blood pumping a bit and being involved in more activities while on holiday is a huge boost for your health.

A sailing holiday is ultimately a healthy holiday.

Life on a yacht gives you the opportunity to have a go at paddleboarding in stunning locations, multiple swim stops to take to get the body moving, and of course, getting involved in the sailing aspect of your holiday.

Trust us, hauling up the sail is a pretty good workout, but definitely worth it.

On top of that, every day you’ll end up in a new bay or captivating town to explore. Get the legs working and wander around awe-inspiring ancient towns for a good light lower body workout with slightly better views than you’ll find at a gym.

Now, of course, you can go at your own pace no matter what that is but something about sailing brings out the active side in everyone.

two women cycling Mljet National Park in Croatia

3. Eating Local Healthy Fare is Phenomenal For You (And Delicious)

One of the best aspects of travel is the food, and tasting the flavours of a country is one of the best ways to familiarise yourself with the culture. And it just so happens that most dishes you’ll dine on are incredibly healthy.

While sailing around Greece, Croatia, Italy or Montenegro you’ll be eating meals made up of locally grown fruits and produce or fresh fish just caught that day close to the restaurant that you’re dining at.

Many of the restaurants you’ll visit are family run and sometimes even only accessible by boat, and their traditional coastal dishes are vibrant and filled with veggies and usually only cooked with olive oil and herbs.

Bottom line — one of the healthiest diets is the Mediterranean diet, and you’ll be sailing in the heart of the region that inspired it!

4. Relax to the Max for Low-Stress

A healthy holiday should definitely involve plenty of downtime as well, and life on a yacht provides ample opportunity for that.

With your skipper at the helm and your host crafting phenomenally tasty (and healthy) meals — you’ll only have to worry about which wine or cocktail you’d like to sip on while taking in the gorgeous views from the bow of the boat. Throughout the day the most difficult choice will be to bask in the sun or take a refreshing dip.

When it comes time to hit the towns and explore, the skipper and host have a wealth of knowledge to give you plenty of advice, recommendations, and tips so you don’t have to search high and low for the best of each stop.

A holiday that you don’t have to worry about anything? Yes, please!

Man reading a book on a hammock on a healthy holiday on a yacht

5. Spend Quality Time Aboard With Family and Friends

One of the best aspects of a sailing holiday, and one extremely important to consider for any holiday, is how much quality time it’ll provide to spend with family and friends. Especially after a stressful year having to be separated from so many people.

Being on a yacht at sea will ultimately help everyone disconnect from distractions and everyday stress to reconnect with each other. You’ll be together in some of the most unbelievable destinations in the world experiencing and exploring the best it has to offer.

From the sensation of sailing to the afternoon watersports, evenings wandering fantastical towns to the nights hanging out on the bow together — the experience of sailing as a whole is one that brings people together and brings the best out of everyone.

Treat yourself and your close ones to an amazing and healthy holiday this year and book a Yacht Getaways sailing experience today!

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