Hire a yacht and sail to the paradise of Karacaoren

By Jenny Wilson published on 29 February 2016

Karacaoren is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This tiny island is the perfect place to moor up and enjoy an overnight stay, so make sure you include it on your itinerary if you hire a yacht.

Enjoying a yacht holiday - Turkish island cruising

There are some interesting ruins to explore but the real charm of this island lies in its beautiful scenery. Climb the rugged landscape to enjoy stunning views or take a peaceful walk among the lush woods to clear you mind. Swimming and snorkelling are extremely popular pastimes – the crystal-clear water is delightful and there is plenty of marine wildlife to appreciate. A series of reefs shelter the bay and help to preserve the breathtaking environment.

One of the island’s most memorable experiences is sure to be a meal at the seaside restaurant. Facing the water, it is raised 20 feet on stilts. The long veranda provides diners with stunning views across the sea, all the way to the majestic Babadag mountain in Olu Deniz. One of the joys of this special place is that you can simply moor in one of the restaurant’s designated berths and complete your journey in its dinghy.

If you are looking for the perfect tranquil spot to overnight on your Turkish sailing trip, Karacaoren is a fantastic choice.

Turkey sailing - Sunset sights
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