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Hire a yacht in Croatia and explore the cultural heritage of Stari Grad

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 29, 2015

Hiring a yacht in Croatia will open up a world of cultural adventures but none more fascinating than those on offer in Stari Grad – one of the oldest town’s in the whole of Europe.
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There was a village in the area of Stari Grad as long ago as prehistoric times and even its documented history dates back to 384BC when Greek settlers from the isle of Paros founded what became known as the city state or polis of Faros.

One of the famous historic inhabitants of Stari Grad was General Demetrius, who was not only an Illyrian governor but at associate of Hannibal of Kartaga.

In Medieval times, Stari Grad was the seat of the Hvar diocese. This seat was transferred to Novi Grad in 1278 and old Hvar was given the name Stari Grad.

Most of the town’s residences and churches were built in the 1600 and 1700s and it was in the 1800s that it established a coastal front and became known for its port and fleet of sailboats.

The 20th century was marked largely by emigration and wars but it was also the start of the tourism industry that exists today.

Today, tourists form one of the main forms of income for the town, along with olive growing and viticulture.

Tourists can stroll the streets of Stari Grad and encounter evidence of the town’s 24 centuries of documented history, from its architecture and lay-out to its monuments and museums, making it a popular stop on many different types of Croatian holidays.

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