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How To Plan A Memorable Family Holiday

By Rachael Gilpin
on  March 04, 2020

There’s nothing more valuable than an unforgettable holiday spent connecting with your family, but organising a holiday getaway with multiple people can be challenging, making it tempting to drop the endeavour altogether. Schedules aside, with the internet at our fingertips, we’re spoiled for choice in worldly destinations, making the countless options a bit overwhelming. This is why sailing through the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean while exploring various beach towns and ports along the way is the perfect solution.

Soak up the sun on your perfect holiday getaway with those closest to you in the comfort of luxury for less. There is not much else in this world more memorable or important (or at a better value!) than going on a family sailing holiday around the Mediterranean with Yacht Getaways. From the initial excitement of planning together to the shared moments during your time away to reflecting on your memories afterward, spending quality time with family creates rich shared experiences you’ll remember forever. 

Yacht Getaways knows how important this time is and we are here to sort out a memorable holiday for you— without the stress of packing the barbeque or coordinating supplies. A catamaran vacation offers a truly unforgettable experience you’ll be telling stories about for years to come!

Stress-Free Vacation

Sail between historic ports and secluded bays on your own skippered sailing yacht while you discover the best destinations in the Mediterranean. Wake up to the sound of the sea’s waves and begin your day with freshly prepared breakfast, coffee and tea. You’ll be lounging on a beautiful spacious catamaran with those dearest to you while being pampered with expert culinary and hospitality skills. Our hosts bring their own bespoke menu of fresh breakfasts and 2-course lunches paired with exquisite wines throughout your stay. We take care of everything, your only purpose is to relax, explore, and enjoy this exceptional experience with your family.

Relaxing at Sea with Yacht Getaways

Freedom To Wander

We realize everyone’s idea of fun can differ exponentially and we want our guests to enjoy themselves to their full capacity while still having the opportunity to spend quality time with their travel partners. That’s why we make sure everyone has the ability to venture out on their own yet offer plenty of occasions to enjoy time together. We want you to feel free to let the kids go off and discover nearby bluffs while you and your partner mosey down the beach and sink your toes in the sand. Or, perhaps they’ll snorkel with some sea turtles, navigating the reefs, and you’ll unwind under the sun with a glass of rosé while getting lost in that juicy pageturner you’ve been shelving. Later on, you can reunite, sharing stories of your respective adventures over a delightful lunch on the catamaran. If you’re keen to keep the good times flowing after lunch and wine pairings, we encourage all our guests to BYO drinks and snacks aboard to customise their time the way they’d prefer.

Mix and Mingle

It’s often said, it’s not where you go, it’s the people you meet along the way. What’s unique about booking a family holiday on our yachts is that it draws fabulous groups of people. (And, you don’t have to share it with anyone if you so chose— we also offer the option to hire a catamaran privately) You’ll meet a variety of like-minded travellers who enjoy adventures in comfort and seeking new experiences just like you. Our holidays are well suited for couples, families, or mature groups of friends, and offer the perfect setting to experience kindred spirits and mingle with locals in various locations, adding a wonderful social dynamic to their time away.

Socialising on a yacht with Yacht Getaways

Activities Galore

Adventure is limitless while vacationing along the Mediterranean coastline. When we’re anchored at port you’re free to set out on a standup paddleboard or a snorkel and dive into an ocean dream or explore remote beaches and deserted islands straight out of a paperback romance novel. If you’ve had enough water for the day, head to the mainland and try out your language skills with the locals while discovering the rich culture and history. When we’re setting sail, feel the wind in your hair, smell salt in the air, and soak up the spectacular views aboard our modern and capacious yachts.

Learn to Sail

One of the perks of a family holiday aboard a skippered catamaran is you can learn the ropes firsthand. Sailing is often one of those bucket list ticks that rarely gets crossed off due to the time and commitment involved. With Yacht Getaways you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only does our crew provide the best in hospitality, but they happily teach expert sailing skills to guests. Our skippers will walk you through a special hands-on lesson on how to safely sail a boat, all while cruising through the extraordinary oceans of coastal Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, or Italy

Family Learning to Sail with Yacht Getaways

A Family That Holidays Together Stays Together

Life is about creating unforgettable memories and spending time with those that mean the most. Yacht Getaways offers the perfect family holiday ideas in stunning locations on luxurious catamarans. Check out our routes, get your family on board, and set out on your perfect yacht holiday before time sails away.

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