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Lesser-Known Areas To Explore During Your Time In Croatia

By Yacht Getaways Team
on  January 27, 2018

One of the most wonderful aspects about Croatia is the sheer number of (often very different) opportunities available to its visitors. Although we could list many unique and unusual places to explore during your time in this beautiful part of the world, here are just a handful of the things you can look forward to throughout your sailing getaway.

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Go Wine Tasting in a Cave Underneath Dubrovnik Airport

The cave which is, quite literally, underneath the runway of the international airport, is incredibly impressive. Adorned with stalagmites and stalactites, areas of human activity have been traced as far back as the Iron and Bronze ages. The cave is now used as a naturally-chilled wine cellar and the memories of your visit to this very unique location are certain to stay with you long into the future.

Visit Orlando’s Column During your Sailing Getaway

This symbol of the city of Dubrovnik’s freedom and sovereignty was erected in 1419 and depicts the image of an ancient knight prevalent throughout centuries of legends. There’s a lot of history surrounding this impressive column, making it more than worth a visit during your time in Croatia.

Meet the Mongooses of Mljet

Introduced from Asia more than a century ago in a bid to eradicate the Mljet of poisonous snakes, any time spent on this beautiful island is certain to result in more than a few glimpses of these charismatic creatures.

Uncover the Mystery Surrounding the Relic of St. Silvan

Laying in a glass coffin at the altar in the Church of Saint Blaise is the figure of St. Silvan, a martyr from the 4th century. Although very little is known about St. Silvan himself, the fact that his face does not actually appear to be made out of wax and that the gash to his neck looks remarkably real, makes his figure worthy of such a special display.

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