Luxury Yacht Charters in Croatia: A Brief Destination Guide

By Jenny Wilson published on 18 March 2015

Croatia is one of the best destinations for luxury yacht charters around. There are many sides to Croatia and a wealth of attractions to enjoy. Some key things to consider include:

Croatia is generally a laid-back, informal culture and there are few traditions and customs you need to try to observe. However, be polite and slightly formal when you meet new people. Although Croatians may greet friends with a kiss on the cheek, as a visitor to the country it is normally best to wait until someone else initiates this greeting rather than doing so yourself.


Croatian cuisine contains many interesting flavours and has something for all palates. Traditional eateries and slick modern restaurants are both great places to grab a bite. In the coastal regions, seafood is especially prominent for the obvious reason that fresh ingredients are readily available very nearby. Croatia is also famous for its wine, producing some truly wonderful and fine products in local vineyards.

Croatia has a huge number of sights to see. One of the highlights is the scenic and historic town of Dubrovnik. The Mljet National Park and the entire landscape of the coast represent more natural and equally stunning sights to see, with the latter best viewed from the deck of your yacht. The vineyards which produce the fine wines are both beautiful and fascinating sightseeing destinations.

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