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Marvel at the archaeological park of Dokos with yacht charter in Greece

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 08, 2016

Greece is renowned throughout the world for the wealth and creativity of its ancient civilisations and their legacy for the modern world. There are numerous museums and temples to explore all over the country, of course, but one of the most fascinating archaeological sites can be found with yacht charter in Greece.

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The small island of Dokos has a significance that belies its diminutive size, thanks to its location. It is now largely uninhabited, apart from a few sheep and some monks, but the island is popular with hikers and there are some interesting ruins to explore. In addition to the remains of a Byzantine castle and several chapels, there are the ruins of a Mycenaean wall, ancient houses, and even some pre-historic tombs.

The island is certainly an interesting destination but the main reason the area surrounding Dokos is known as an archaeological park is that this is where the remains of the oldest known shipwreck in the world can be found. It is thought that this wreck may date back over 4,000 years. Although the wooden ship has long been reclaimed by the sea, a treasure trove of over 15,000 relics covered the sea floor. These include stone anchors, millstones for ballast, and thousands of pieces of pottery. The huge variety of ceramics, including sauce boats, baking trays, jars, basins and amphorae, suggest that the ship may have been a trading vessel. Many of these relics have been removed to the safety of Spetses Museum, where you can wonder at the sheer breadth of treasures on display.

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