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Your Guide to The Most Beautiful Islands in Greece

By Yacht Getaways Team published on 10 March 2024

Are you considering a getaway this summer and wondering what the most beautiful islands in Greece are? We don't like to brag, but we know the Greek islands intimately after years of sailing these stunning destinations.

While Greece has around 6,000 islands and islets collectively, with many worth visiting, some belong on your list of must-visits. We've compiled a guide to the most beautiful islands in Greece to help you choose the best ones for your yacht holiday.

Koufonisia Island

When sailing Greece, this island is a top pick. Koufonisia is a collection of two islands, Ano and Kato Koufonisia. Collectively these islands burst with charm, flavour, and natural allure.

Explore the winding alleyways that lead to pebble and sand beaches, hidden cafes, and boutiques of Ano Koufonisia (where the marina is) by foot or bicycle. This small town has an intimate experience with lively nightlife, fantastic seaside restaurants and bars, and unreal landscapes.

Ano Koufonisia and the uninhabited island of Kato Koufonisia have some of the most breathtaking coves, beaches, and caves to explore. Paddleboard until your legs give out and snorkel to your heart's desire in unbelievably clear water. Plus, you won't want to miss a sunrise dip in the Angel's Eye rock pool!

Ios Island

Consistently one of the top-rated islands in Greece, Ios Island is known for its architectural grandeur and bustling nightlife. The island is a must-visit destination for those desiring a night out to remember. Dance alongside the Jenga-like white villas stacked on the dramatic rust-coloured hillsides. Ios gradually rises from the sparkling blue sea to the pinnacle of Ios town, with nightclubs and restaurants. The town spirals uphill through a wonderland of alleyways that are a delight to get lost in and bound to leave you in awe.

Explore the bougainvillaea-shaded maze of Ios town or hit the crescent-shaped paradise beach of Milopotas and other pristine beaches. Go for a cocktail at a sunset cliffside bar before dancing at the hidden bars; the options are endless!

Naxos Island

Naxos Island graces our list of the most beautiful islands in Greece as it has a touch of everything Greek: ancient monuments, an enchanting old town, and an unforgettable food scene.

The main attraction is the Temple of Apollo—a colossal marble gate dating back to 530 BC, connected by a thin strip of sea-battered land. Here is the perfect place to catch an unforgettable sunset of crimson and gold skies and take in this ancient wonder. Enjoy a seaside stroll on the promenade and into the fortified old town. To end the day, you can find the perfect balcony spot for unique Naxian cuisine and cocktails overlooking the bay.

Paros Island

Paros is one of our favourite islands for abundant activities, sightseeing opportunities, magical old-world charm, and vivid nightlife. Hit the main town of Parikia to explore cobbled alleys of vibrant boutique shops and stunning white villas with bright blue doors. Enjoy a mix of modern and traditional gastronomy in seaside tavernas, craft beer, and cocktail bars.

Rent a quad bike to explore the island's remarkable beaches with turquoise waters and sea caves. Head over to Naoussa to experience this gem of a town that lights up at night with music and activity.

The island is whimsical, lined with silversmiths and a restaurant scene unmatched elsewhere. Nearby, you can hike along Monastery Bay's rugged trails for magnificent panoramic coastline views. Visit Cape Raven Lighthouse before taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

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Now that you know the most beautiful islands in Greece, we have something to admit—they are all in the Cyclades and Lesser Cyclades. The Cyclades islands are world famous for a reason, beating out overwhelming islands like Santorini and Mykonos to give you a truly unforgettable holiday. Visit these islands and more this summer; book your Yacht Getaways trip today!

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