Must-Try Dishes To Sample Throughout Your Croatian Getaway

By Jenny Wilson published on 23 February 2018

Croatian cuisine is as diverse and wonderful as its landscapes, which means that you are unquestionably in for lashings of gastronomic glee throughout your sailing getaway. Although we always recommend following your taste buds to wherever they are naturally drawn, here are a few of our favourite Croatian dishes to look out for.

Eat and drink in Croatia - Discover local dishes to enjoy

Bask in the Complex Flavours of Brudet/Brodetto

The origins of this flavourful seafood dish lay firmly in Italy; however, it has been hugely popular on the Croatian coastline for decades. Traditionally made by fishermen, the catch of the day would be placed into a pot to be cooked over an open fire, which really allows the flavours to bubble away happily together. The tomato base is comforting, light, and the perfect foundation of flavour upon which layers of seafood flavours can really shine.

Treat Yourself to Some Fabulous Fritules

These bite-sized fried pastries are not dissimilar from doughnuts and can be made using a variety of different ingredients, including orange and lemon rind, raisins, and even a splash of rum. Although they are traditionally served during the festive seasons, the popularity of these delicious sweet treats means they are readily available all year round.

Enjoy some Crni Rižot on your Sailing Getaway

This delicious black risotto is made using either squid or cuttlefish, and recipes also include plenty of olive oil, red wine, and garlic. Squid ink gives this dish its memorable colour and although it will also turn your mouth black, the intense flavour you will be treated to means it’s all worth it in the end!

Perfectly Presented Peka

This delicious dish is also often called ispod čripnje, which translates as ‘under the bell’ and is a reference to its unique cooking method. Meat and vegetables are cooked over burning coals underneath an iron or terracotta lid, which results in wonderfully tender meats and perfectly cooked extremely flavourful vegetables. Peka dishes can be made using one of several types of meat, including chicken, lamb, veal, and octopus, and is traditionally served with a side of potatoes.

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