Perfect Activities for a Luxury Yacht Charter Holiday in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson published on 12 January 2015

There is no holiday quite like a luxury yacht charter, and Croatia is one of the best destinations to enjoy this type of getaway. There are plenty of interesting, enjoyable and memorable activities to enjoy while sailing around the coast and islands of Croatia. However, if pushed to choose, most people would probably agree that the following make for particular highlights:

Wine and Vineyard Tours
Croatia is home to some spectacularly scenic vineyards, particularly in the area around Stari Grad. Some truly wonderful wines are produced there through fascinating processes. Exploring Croatia’s unique vineyard tradition with wine tours is a fantastic way to spend a part of your sailing holiday – not to mention tasting some of the wonderful wines produced there.


Enjoy Nature
A luxury yacht charter is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Croatian coast. You can admire the beaches, mountain slopes and greenery of the Croatian mainland and island as you sail past. You can spot wildlife, which if you’re lucky may include dolphins swimming alongside the boat. Then, sail into picturesque secluded bays – inaccessible even to motor boats – to enjoy some peace and quiet in tranquil natural surroundings.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood
No foreign holiday is complete without tasting the local culinary delights. A sailing holiday will obviously be focused around the coast, and this means that just about everywhere you go you will find restaurants with access to fresh and high-quality seafood. Many produce amazing dishes with delicious ingredients, so make sure you let your taste buds enjoy some of the fare on offer.

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