Relax to the Max: Making The Most Of Your Sailing Holiday

By Louise Burton published on 30 April 2019

The only thing between you and the ultimate relaxing sailing holiday is a flight. But it’s also worth having a heads up on ways you can really kick back to ensure you make the most of your sailing trip, download any e-books or podcasts pre-departure before the WiFi gets weak, and return to home life feeling refreshed and calm, with a spring in your step and a smile on your dial. With that in mind, we’ve put together this post featuring nine awesome ways to maximise chill time on your sailing holiday.

Long days in the city, plus work and personal life on the mind, means that sometimes we can forget how to even relax. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll jog your memory back into relax mode and help you press ‘reset’ on your mind, body & soul! This is Yacht Getaways ultimate lowdown of ways to ensure you’re maxing out your chill time as you embark on a relaxing sailing holiday.

#1 Early Risers

There’s a sense of calm about dawn; the dreamy light, seeing the day arrive and watching as the sunrise turns the sky all shades of pink and orange. And what an awesome feeling it is, grabbing a coffee and wandering the empty streets, promenades or beaches while everyone else is only just rousing from their sleep. Putting on your alarm doesn’t have to be reserved for home life. Rolling out of bed and seeing in the day is sure to help you keep calm and carry on. After all, there’s always time for a nap later…

#2 Meditation Apps

Not too sure about meditation? This is your perfect opportunity to have a go! Just download a few apps pre-departure and find something that works for you as you put your headphones in and let your worries drift away. Bury your feet in the sand or kick back on the boat with your gaze on the horizon and take in some deep lungfuls of sea air; a sailing holiday is sure to facilitate the calming space – without distraction – for you to fall into a tranquil meditation.

#3 Books

When you’re not moored in a dreamy little bay diving into the turquoise stuff, you’ll be gliding into the open ocean with the sea breeze on your skin. And you’ll need a good book to go with that. If you’re looking for some ideas, head over to our top summer reads blog post for some inspiration.

#4 Podcasts

Plug in and switch off from the outside world with a good Podcast. Do a little bit of research pre-departure to find a few podcasts that you’d like to listen to. And make sure you have Spotify or the iTunes Podcast app downloaded on your phone, along with the podcasts you want to listen to, while the WiFi is good back home.

#6 Stargazing

Let it get real dark, lie back with your gaze skyward, and watch as the night sky twinkles while you listen to water lapping at the hull of the boat. It’s simple, but so magical!

#5 Trampoline of the Cat

Do any of the above four options really well by maxing out and relaxing on the trampoline netting of the Catamaran. Whether you’re diving into a good book, meditating, listening to a good podcast, or watching the night sky unfold above, your muscles will thank you as you sink into the trampoline netting. Top tip, do that with a towel or cushion though, you’ll thank us later…

#7 Saltwater therapy

It’s called Vitamin Sea for a reason… hop aboard a SUP to explore little bays and coves, jump off the side of the boat for a few thrills or BYO inflatable unicorn, pizza slice, flamingo or pineapple to float around in serenity while moored in calm little coves.

#8 Gratitude Diary

Learn to appreciate the smaller things and keep a gratitude diary to figure out what makes you feel truly grateful to be living a wild, free-spirited life. You just need a little notebook and pen to jot down what you’re grateful for at the end of each day, it’s that easy!

#9 Kick Back with your Mates

Kicking back with your new buddies, telling a few jokes (you are funny, ok) and just putting a smile on your dial; it might not sound like relaxing in solitude like the rest on this list, but it sure is one of our favourite tips for relaxing. There’s no pressures about what bar to head to next or needing to get to bed for your early start at work or the gym the following day. Not here on your Yacht Getaways sailing holiday! So kick back with a beer or wine and just relax with your mates aboard your dreamy Catamaran.

Relax to the max on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean with Yacht Getaways.

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