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Sailing Holidays in Croatia: Spotlight on Dubrovnik

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 04, 2015

If you ask those who have previously enjoyed sailing holidays in Croatia, you may find they struggle to pick any single highlight. If they do manage to pare down their list, however, there is a fair chance you will find that Dubrovnik is the part that stood out the most for them.

Dubrovnik is a charming and wonderful city that has captured the hearts of poets and artists through the generations. But just what is so wonderful about it exactly, and what can you look forward to when you encounter Dubrovnik as part of your sailing holiday?

History Galore
Dubrovnik is a deeply historic city. Its roots are in the medieval era, and it still retains a unique and centuries-old character from this time. With its distinctive style of architecture and maze of delightful narrow old streets, a visit to Dubrovnik is like seeing a little piece of the past with your own eyes.

Beautiful Scenes
It is the pure beauty of Dubrovnik that has done most to capture the imagination of artists, from painters and poets who lived long ago to the makers of modern films and television programmes. The characteristic architecture style is delightful and complement’s the city’s stunning coastal location beautifully. Everywhere you turn in Dubrovnik, your eyes are in for a feast.

Delicious Food
No Croatian city is complete without fine food, and Dubrovnik is no exception. There are plenty of truly mouth-watering culinary experiences on offer there. These range from charming bakeries filled with deliciously sweet cakes and tarts to wonderful seafood eateries taking full advantage of the fresh ingredients that are caught daily by local fishermen.

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