Sailing Holidays in Greece: Escaping the Crowds

By Jenny Wilson published on 20 March 2015

Greece is a wonderful place to take a holiday, especially when sticking to the coast. The wonderful beaches, sunny climate, brilliant cuisine and abundance of interesting towns make for a wonderful getaway. However, the one problem is that a lot of people know about it, meaning that many of the best spots can get a bit crowded. Nonetheless, there are a few useful ways for those who enjoy sailing holidays in Greece to get away from the tourist hordes.

On Deck
The beauty of a sailing holiday is that you always have at least one wonderful retreat where only a select few can follow. The deck of your boat is cut off from the tourist crowds by a stretch of sparkling water. It is a great place to lie back, enjoy the sounds of the sea and admire the scenic coast from one of the best vantage points you can get.

Secluded Bays
Another advantage to a sailing holiday is that boats can access some secluded bays which are beautiful but which see relatively little tourist traffic. Sometimes these bays are difficult to access on land but easy by sea. At other times, they are simply far away from most amenities but accessible when travelling by boat along the coast.

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