Hidden Gems

Sailing the Greek islands: The hidden gems

By Jenny Wilson
on  June 03, 2015

Choose to tailor-make your own Greek sailing adventure and there are a host of hidden gems to explore. Here are just a few of the best.
Sailing in Greece - Taking the wheel
Patmos island

This is known as a sacred island across the globe as is said to where St John penned his Book of Revelation. It was given ‘Holy Island’ status by Greece’s Parliament in 1981 and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At the heart of the island sits the monastery originally built in 1088 and you can head to the cave where St John spent his final days. Its unspoilt beaches and dramatic coastline also make it a haven for nature lovers and sun worshippers alike.


The main island in this group is Oinoússes – a great addition to your itinerary while sailing the Greek islands.

This is a strikingly beautiful island with a strong naval tradition as a result of its strategic position. In summer, there is plenty of opportunity for peace on the sun-drenched, sandy beaches, or to take part in a bevvy of religious festivals, or simply enjoy a taverna meal by the sea.

Chios island

The south of this island is the only place on the planet where mastic trees grow. These are the trees which produce the resin known as Arabic gum.

Chios boasts 24 mastic villages that were created during the Middle Ages based on exquisite architecture and decorative elements seen nowhere else but here. Even today, visitors sometimes get to see plaster workers creating their own unique designs.

The village of Mestá is a fortress created from its stone houses built close together. There is only one way in or out and locals claim that the best way to get around is by going over the roofs. Don’t miss the chance to try out the local wine known as mestoútsiko, or soúma, a drink made from grapes and figs.

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