Secret Croatian stopovers with luxury yacht charters

By Jenny Wilson published on 6 January 2016

The beauty of luxury yacht charters in Croatia is that you can moor at many of the beautiful islands in this region; in addition, there is the amazing opportunity to visit locations not found on typical tourist itineraries.

Sailing holidays in cool Croatia - Stop off at idyllic hot spots

If you are really looking to get away from it all, visit the twin destinations of Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali, a pair of small islands located near Split. The larger island, Drvenik Veli, has a population of under 200 residents in its main village. There are a couple of restaurants and shops here, with the rest of the island simply given over to the perpetuation of its stunning natural beauty. Explore the many tiny inlets and hidden bays amongst its charming coastline, which features both pebble and sandy beaches. Make sure you visit Krknjasi beach with its protected blue lagoon, the perfect spot for bathing in crystalline waters.

Drvenik Mali is even more secluded, a tiny island paradise covering around four square kilometres. Olive groves and vineyards cover much of the terrain, making this a delightful location for those who simply wish to wander in some of Croatia’s most beautiful countryside. Try your hand at diving, snorkelling or even fishing as you soak up the peaceful atmosphere of this unspoilt gem.

Croatia sailing tours - Learn how to captain a luxury yacht
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