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See delightful dolphins when you yacht in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  September 04, 2016

The Adriatic Sea is home to plenty of beautiful wildlife but there can be few species more fascinating than the enchanting dolphin. When you yacht in Croatia, you may be lucky enough to spot these magical creatures frolicking in the waters round the island of Scedro.

Sailing in Croatia - Wildlife experiences

Bottle-nosed dolphins can be found in the seas here and you stand a good chance of being able to spot them, since you are already on a boat. Trying to take pictures of animals can be a tricky business at the best of times and being on the water will only make this more challenging. To ensure you don’t miss any magical moments, it may be a better idea to capture the dolphins on video and take stills from the footage later if you want that one stand-out picture.

It is always best to see animals in their natural environment, but this obviously means that you will have to bear in mind the whims of these quirky creatures. If they swim very close, it can be tempting to touch them; however, be mindful that while they may seem tame, these are wild creatures and you should respect them accordingly.

Should you be lucky enough to glimpse these gorgeous creatures swimming nearby whilst you are sailing around Croatia, you will certainly be left with some memories and hopefully even some photos that you will surely treasure forever.

Sailing Croatian seas - Hanging out


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