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See the majesty of Diocletian’s Palace with yacht hire in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 14, 2016

There are many incredible sights to admire when you try yacht hire in Croatia, and among the most spectacular is the majestic Diocletian’s Palace in Split. This incredible building is not only a UNESCO heritage site but also – quite rightly – one of the country’s foremost architectural gems.

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Although the collection of buildings is known as the palace, in reality it was virtually a miniature city, comprising not only the emperor’s residence but also garrisons for his troops. Today the remains of the palace are an integral part of the city, with restaurants, cafes, shops and residential buildings all located within its walls and forming the very heart of Split. Look out for the different gates in the walls, each named after a precious metal, and the peristyle or ceremonial entrance court.

One of the more unusual features of this building is that the windows in the lowers floors are set particularly high in the walls. This is because Diocletian wanted to be able to sail from the sea straight into his palace; therefore, these rooms were originally filled with water. While much of the building was, of course, built in the Roman style, Diocletian included architectural influences from a variety of different eras, with both circular and rectangular temples and even a few sphinxes.

Built from the finest Brac stone and incorporating an array of quirky architectural features, the palace remains still exude an enchanting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.

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