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See the stunning beauty of Poros when you sail the Greek islands

By Jenny Wilson
on  December 14, 2016

You can enjoy any number of spectacular wonders when you sail the Greek islands, from lush forests to gorgeous beaches. Thanks to the volcanic geology of this region, the island of Poros is amply equipped with a stunning landscape and plenty of natural beauty to admire.

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The island of Poros is separated from the Greek coastline by such a narrow channel that it almost seems part of the mainland; however, in terms of its topology, it owes much to the neighbouring volcanic island of Methana. The main town hugs the hillside, its iconic clock tower visible from almost every angle. Wander the narrow winding streets to see the pretty houses, admire the views from the clock tower, or enjoy a drink at one of the many laid-back cafes.

Poros is lovely to explore on foot or by bike, verdant with headily-scented wild lemon groves that are so typically Greek. Pretty pebble beaches fringed with pine trees and clear turquoise waters are delightful spots for sunbathing or swimming. There are also some attractions to explore, including a folklore museum and the Temple of Poseidon; however, by far the nicest way to fill your time here is to simply enjoy the natural charms of this special island.

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