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See the wonder of the stunning Krka National Park when you yacht in Croatia

By Jenny Wilson
on  March 27, 2016

Croatia is blessed with some of the region’s most spectacular scenery. From rugged mountains to tranquil pine groves and delightful beaches, there is plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. One of the country’s most popular attractions is the lovely Krka National Park, situated near Sibenik, which is a perfect way to spend a day when you yacht in Croatia.

Visiting Croatia - Seeing the natural sights

The majority of visitors come here to see the breathtaking series of waterfalls that are the defining features of this enchanting landscape, the most visited of which are Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap.

The Krka River flows from Dinara mountain all the way to the sea and its progress can be charted through this area of outstanding natural beauty. Carved over millennia, deep canyons have become covered with mosses that capture the limestone-rich water as it flows past, creating dramatic waterfalls.

The park itself covers an area of approximately 109 square kilometres, some of which is easily accessible and some parts less so. Many of these can be toured in a car, offering visitors the chance to appreciate the sheer scale of this carefully-preserved park.

There is a lovely hiking trail to Lake Visovac, which takes around two to three hours and allows you get up close to the varied flora and fauna that can be found here. A boat excursion to Visovac Island, home to a fascinating Franciscan monastery, is another visit highlight.

Chartering a luxury Yacht - See Croatia in style

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