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The Cyclades or the Ionian Islands: Which Trip Is Right For You?

By Alicia Sharp
on  February 15, 2020

With sunkissed beaches, crystal clear waters and whitewashed towns, a summer holiday in Greece is nothing short of iconic. And with 6,000 paradise islands and islets ready to be explored, there’s no doubt that a sailing holiday is the best way to get the most out of your time in paradise.

As both the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands are irresistibly dreamy destinations guaranteed to sweep you off your feet as soon as you arrive, you certainly aren’t alone if you’re struggling to decide which island adventure is right for you.

Soak in the Sights and Sounds of the Cyclades

Famous for it’s white and blue hues, the Cyclades islands are the most iconic group of islands in Greece. With postcard-perfect streets to stroll around by day and fiery sunsets to enjoy at night, these islands are perfect for those wanting that iconic Greek island experience.

Your Cycladian sailing getaway will begin in Paros where you will get your first authentic taste of Greek island living, admiring the Cycladic white and blue architecture, picturesque chapels, and iconic windmills. From here you will sail to Antiparos, a too-often overlooked island with unspoilt beaches and charming villages.

Ios is your next destination where you will discover beautiful bays and the very best of Greek hospitality. Schouinoussa, often referred to as the jewel of the Cyclades, is next on the itinerary where you will experience a slice of authentic Greek island life. From here you will continue to experience traditional Greek Hospitality and postcard-perfect architecture as you visit Koufonisia, Naxos, and Naoussa, before your getaway concludes back on the exquisite island of Paros.

This route is ideal for travellers looking to really experience Greek culture, sample delicious cuisine, and marvel at the incredible vistas which exist in every direction. You’ll no doubt end your sailing holiday on a high, understanding how this group of Greek islands has gained its enchanting reputation.

Yacht Getaways guest sailing in the Cyclades

The Beauty of an Ionian Island Sailing Getaway

The unique and unforgettable natural setting of the Ionian islands is a central factor that makes this group of islands completely different from that of the Cyclades. With lush green vegetation that blends harmoniously with the turquoise sea, these islands are perfect for those wanting an unforgettable tropical Greek island experience.

Glorious Corfu is the most perfect location from which to begin an island adventure and will give you a small taste of what to expect from the week ahead. You’ll get to make the most of your time exploring this island as you sail across the island to Kalami Bay for an afternoon of paddleboarding and sampling traditional Greek cuisine at a seaside restaurant.

Next you’ll spend some time at the villages of Lakka and Gaios on Paxos island. This is a truly beautiful island where postcard-perfect scenery, traditional Greek culture and the charms of chilled-out beachside cafés await. You’ll then sail to Antipaxos, Parga and Sivota Mourtos where you will enjoy secluded bays, an array of traditional Greek seafood dishes, and nights spent underneath the stars from the comfort of your luxury yacht.

The Ionian islands are ideal for nature lovers and those seeking rest and relaxation, a marked step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. This route is perfect for those that like to explore off the beaten track with the opportunity to explore breathtaking sea caves and swimming bays that are only accessible by boat, while soaking in plenty of Greek history and culture along the way.

Sailing in the Ionian Islands, Greece

The choice between the Cyclades and the Ionian islands really is a win-win situation as you can’t make a wrong decision. Both sets of islands offer a fantastic summer sailing paradise and we can probably all agree that we wish all of life’s dilemmas were like this.

Decided on your perfect Greek sailing holiday? Book your Yacht Getaways Cyclades or Ionian trip today!

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